Original film material by: Lara Arnoldus for Eendrachtfestival Pre-party

Rotterdam based artists Marèl Jap-Sam and Janneke Meekes met each other in Art school, where Marèl studied Audiovisual and Janneke Animation. Both where exploring ways to create moving images by using printmaking, photocopies and other analogue techniques. In 2013 they teamed up under the name ‘JAPJAN’.
JAPJAN stands for fun, graphic and colourful sequences used for visuals, videos and installations. In all experiment has the main focus. And when we VJ we love to add some booty-shaking!

JAPJAN in action.
Upcoming Events:

Previous Events:
– November 21st VJ-ing at Floating GLOWers, light- sound and animationfestival of Floating Flowers, a project by artist Lobke Meekes, at Holterkolk Deventer.
– October 23th, Bring Your Own Beamer, Kerk, Gent, België
– September 25th, Bring Your Own Beamer, Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht
– July 23th 20:30h-22:30h Eendrachtfestival 6.0 at IJssalon Venezia Rotterdam. Video installation with live music by TELE$HOPPING [Tommy Ventevogel]
– March 26th 21:00h-22:30h ‘Het Tussenuur #7 Which Way to the Future’ at Bar.
– Februari 27th “TopStuk” at Worm Rotterdam.

– November 27th “This is not a Program!” by HET TUSSENUUR at de Rotterdamse Schouwburg
– October 31st ‘TENT & WORM Halloween Special: Dance of the Dead!’ at Worm.
– September 17th a loop of our visuals was projected at Showroom MAMA during the project ‘Seven Days of Happening, LUNCH BEAT
– September 13th 23:00-04:00h VJ-ing at  ‘Sensatie Wit‘ at Worm Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
– September 13th 20:00-23:00h VJ-ing at ‘De Wereld van het Witte de Withkwartier‘ during the Blockparty’s.
– June. Projection installation at ‘Eendrachtsfestival pre-party‘ at ‘Bar3′ in Rotterdam.

– October 24th Interactive installation De Wacht, at Aan de Bak in de Bak. Multidisciplinary exhibition in an old prison.
– September. BEAMER BATTLE, VJ contest organised by OONA and Showroom MAMA, during ‘De Wereld van het Witte de Withkwartier’

2014 GIF the Wait/de Wacht
– selected for the ‘Gif is for Geeks’ program @ Fantoche
2014 Short film, De Wacht, a memory revisited, 2 min.
– selected for the Jornadas de Reapropiación, Mexico
– selected at CINEVANA Amsterdam 2015
2013 Interactive installation De Wacht, at Aan de Bak in de Bak. Multidisciplinary exhibition in an old prison.

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