‘Aan Rotterdam’ short film program


We curated a short film program called ‘Aan Rotterdam’ which means ‘To Rotterdam’. From friday 18th until sunday 20th of March we place small tv’s and dvd players in 5 different locations in the city of Rotterdam. Places where people can get surprise with 15 very different short films from all around the world.

Our city is currently preparing to celebrate the 75th year after the world war 2 bombings. We want to join in on the celebrations and give the people and visitors of Rotterdam a present in the form of a very diverse and inspiring selection of short (mostly animated) films.

The short film knows many forms and techniques and we, from JAPJAN, feel this could be celebrated more and put under a nice spotlight.

Locations where you can find ‘Aan Rotterdam’:
Green Delight Pop-up Lunchroom (Coolsingel 71)
Lebkov & Sons Rotterdam (Stationsplein 50)
Hostel Ani & Haakien (Coolsestraat 49)
Kaapse brouwers (Veerlaan 19-D)
CC Eendrachtsplein (Eendrachtsplein 2)

On sunday we end the celebrations with a nice screening at Hostel Ani & Haakien. Entrance is free and next to the films we’ve shown in the city we will also add some new additions, to keep it intriguing.


At the locations there will be information about the filmmakers on a flyer, so everyone can take one home and explore the filmmakers website.

‘Aan Rotterdam’ is made possible by: Snelloket Gemeente Rotterdam

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Stills of some of the films that are part of ‘Aan Rotterdam’