De Wacht 2013

De Wacht (English title: The Wait ) is an interactive installation based upon the notion that every time you think of a memory you also alter that memory. So, by remembering you eventually start forgetting the real memory and replace it with your re-imagination of it. We imagined that when you are in prison, your thoughts and memories are what keep you company most of the time and can give you hope, but the more time passes the less grasp you have on that past-reality.

This film is a compilation of the content we’ve created for De Wacht.
The compilation contains 3 different stages of the same loop. The basis of the film was found-footage, which we edited and exported as individual frames. We then printed the frames on paper and altered them using analog techniques and materials. After this, we put the frames digitally together again. When used in the interactive installation the 3 loops are connected to the distance between viewer and sensor. Resulting in the viewer manipulating the image the closer he tries to get.
Music was created by: Nick Aberson

Photo’s and stills from our interactive installation De Wacht at Aan de bak in de bak in an old prison.

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